Criterion House was established in the 1970s to publish the artwork of a San Francisco Bay Area artist.  It expanded into book publishing in the 1990s


We offer complete manuscript to book services including proof-reading, copy-editing, layout, formatting, and cover design.  We start with your WordPerfect or Word manuscript and deliver, straight from LSI,* a perfect-bound or hard-cover book in any one of a number of sizes and in quantities from 1 to unlimited.

*Lightning Source, Inc. our preferred POD book manufacturer


Our basic fee for publishing a nominal sized book is $1000, half of which is for for proof reading, layout and formatting (i.e. to create the press-ready image of the book) and half for cover design.  Additional fees could be incurred for extensive copy-editing, book doctoring or unusual situations.  A reduction could also apply in certain circumstances.

In addition, the cost of printing, shipping and handling your books* is added as is an annual fee (currently $15 for archiving your book for future printings).  Once we submit your book for printing, the finished product is usually delivered in two to three weeks. 

A benefit of our using LSI is that they are affiliated with Ingram Book Company, one of the largest distributors of books worldwide. If you choose the option, Ingram will make your book available to many retail book sellers at no additional cost to you.

*Printing and shipping costs are dependent on several factors such as the size of your order, the size and weight of your book, the type of cover, etc., but these charges can be estimated in advance and determined exactly before an order is placed.  

Contact us at: inquiries@criterionhouse.com
with particulars of your project to learn whether we can be your publisher.